An Open Letter to Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders and Cartoonist Bosch Fawstin

With all due respect, today I want to let you know what is the true face of Islam and how every living Muslim is not an extremist or bloodthirsty. Let’s start with Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech literally means that an individual or a community has complete freedom to articulate their opinions and ideas... Continue Reading →


The Lion Loved The Lamb

He was big at typos She was a grammar nazi But the letters that he wrote To her was another language A language of love Of peace and comfort The sentences made sense She never mind the errors His words were not words His mistakes didn't hurt She read again and again Cause the words... Continue Reading →

Wish of Death

I am at war with my own conscience Trying to pass the storm of heart break I make myself relive the pain Having no one to care and embrace I adore the phenomenon called death I sit here wishing it could be my fate ______________________________ Β© Aasma Kamran | Wordlogue

False News! No Online Voting System Introduced For Overseas Pakistanis

There's this false news circulating all over social media in which a picture saying that National Database Regulatory Authority (NADRA) has introduced a system for overseas Pakistanis to cast vote in coming eletions. One of the officials of NADRA said that Supreme Court is yet to decide whether overseas Pakistani will vote or not. The... Continue Reading →

Humans Becoming Animals

Today I'm writing for the sake of humanity, I'm writing out of sympathy for that poor little donkey whichΒ was beaten up like a punch bag. Today I am ashamed and you all should be too. Because we've crossed the line of humanity. We used to put out our rage on each other but now things... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To Iqrar Ul Hassan

Dear brother, Many congratulations on your second marriage. May Allah protect you from evil eyes and grant you more success. Ameen. So I've been observing people taking out time to comment on your personal life and trust me I'm not startled by this. To me they are just like those aunties who have most gossips... Continue Reading →

‘I am a Hafiz’ it declared – A Slam

They were more than happy, My parents' eyes were telling me, As I were to become a 'Hafiz' that day, My entire childhood, I spent learning, What words of Quran actually mean, Islam is peace, Islam is brotherhood, This is what we Muslims believe, All these years it took me, To finally achieve my destiny,... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Reasons Why – Book Review

Being a bookworm is something that I cannot give up at any cost. It’s a craze one cannot end. My life is all about going to a bookstore and coming out with loads of books and never feeling sorry for it cause this is what I was born to do LOL. So when I started... Continue Reading →

To The Boys Out There Catcalling At Girls – A slam

    To the boys out there catcalling at girls, Listen, just listen, you might be unaware, One day you'll be father to a pretty little daughter, That catcalling will then be your biggest fear, Today you might ignore but let me inform you, What goes around, comes around So guys be prepared ! They... Continue Reading →

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